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In Loving Memory of my amazing husband
Donald R Lechowicz
01/21/1978 - 08/01/2020
to our eldest fur babydog
Lecho baby Lechowicz
11/2014 - 08/01/2020
Hi both me and my husband have been wizard prov blocked on doing a certain hit will that stay there forever or is there a way to get that reversed?
We've been open for over 21 years now. We've learned a lot and grown a lot. Our experience is important to us because it helps ensure that we can give you the best information and guidance possible when it comes to your prescription sunglasses.
New to mturk. I will always be open to asking questions and helping to pass on knowledge and expierences with others.
I need some help getting started. From my understanding everyone is using Mturk suite only? What are some good requestors to do hits for? I'm not seeing many surveys maybe bc of the holidays? TIA
Hi, there! I sent you a PM with some helpful information :ghost:
Hi, am newbie here. how to get the qualification for cyber pilot hit. please reply me
Thanks for the reply. am also have these qualification. but how to update my skills. how the qualification assigned to you.
Mikey Chlanda
Take one of the hits, they'll askyou your quals and work epxerience, and they'll let you take it
When will the hit come? Can you tell me the time and the requester ID
I cannot seem to complete hits lately. I keep getting a "Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. #B.51c0jd.kcqmcyos"..Help! Anyone! When I try to reload the HIT I get "We were unable to connect to our servers. Please check your internet connection and try again. My INTERNET CONNECTION IS FINE. Another one I get is the HTTP Error 431.
I am fairly new at this (640 completed hits) and until this past week I thought I was
Which browser do you use? I used to browse with Safari, but had to switch to Chrome because HITS won't load. There are few HITS that won't load.
use chrome...........think its a slow time...summer
use chrome it will solve your issue