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New to MechanicTurk. Anyone with tips or advice, please feel free to point me in the right direction.
Hello everyone I am new on here, I am trying to find out what this site is about, so please feel free to give advice.
Hey there, i found some error in installing Turkmaster in Firefox. Actully i installed it but it never appears on dashboard...!?
I found a problem in installing Turkmaster in FireFox. Actually i can install, but it didnt appear in dashboard...!
Hey Willow!

I hope you're around. I tried amending the last script you sent to make the first question into "both shoes" instead of neither? But I don't seem to have the magic's not working can you help me? If you're around.


Hey sorry, just got this. Messaging you now.
Hi, how are you doing? I tried searching, but could not find your HIT. Will you be posting anymore? Hoping for a response, thanks!
I couldn't post a reply in the Tuesday thread since it's locked now, but, your last comment almost killed me!

I couldn't stop laughing at the word "stabby".

Thanks, I really needed a good laugh !
i created an mturk account in the uk but when i used it in tunisia it got suspended and just then i known that you cannot use an mturk account outside of the original location you registered your mturk account with.i received an email on the 6th of may that i could create a new mturk account with the new location address (tunisia) but i did not get accepted
Good day bro, please I really need your help as regard my mturk account that was unfairly close due to Gift card balance that used to buy stuff from amazon directly.

Please kindly help me out.

Looking forward to a prompt and favorably response