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So I got rejected for that HIT. I don't care that much, ( I wasn't expecting to get paid for it) but to get rejected for trying my best is kind of ridiculous. I messaged the requester and they said they will look into it.

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hello, i would like to know how i do to get closed quali do you have any tips
I look forward to answering thanks!

I use this I keep it open all day and do any qual hits that look good. Always be qualling is the best way to make money on mTurk.
Hello - I m New ,,, what precautions to take so as not to fall into the trap of banishment?
Of course on this forum.
Hi both me and my husband have been wizard prov blocked on doing a certain hit will that stay there forever or is there a way to get that reversed?
We've been open for over 21 years now. We've learned a lot and grown a lot. Our experience is important to us because it helps ensure that we can give you the best information and guidance possible when it comes to your prescription sunglasses.
New to mturk. I will always be open to asking questions and helping to pass on knowledge and expierences with others.
I need some help getting started. From my understanding everyone is using Mturk suite only? What are some good requestors to do hits for? I'm not seeing many surveys maybe bc of the holidays? TIA
Hi, there! I sent you a PM with some helpful information :ghost: