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man im no conspiracy weirdo , im mean dont get me wrong im a weirdo, just not x files type, but i think no i know the social media cosmos is out to get me today, everywhere i go , except for the mturk forums , all the other crap i visit are ganging up on me , and i get it im a former UNITED STATES MARINE, LOL , your gunna need back up cuz you brought a knife to a 50 cal gun fight! whew thanks for letting me share
RDDUSA, the notable firm that offers a diverse range of military field gears is flourishing to offer all important products to camping and hunting enthusiasts across the globe, from the past 30 years.
Business address: - 4638 E Washington Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040, USA
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I'm 42, still no clue...

WTH is PANDA an acronym of? Please respond whilst in the following scenario(real, not imagined):

You are taxed with having to explain the term PANDA in turking context to an individual whose​
home reference library consists of mainly "Insert X Subject" for Dummies texts.​
careful what you wish for you just might get stuck in a bios menu loop lol :buffyfail: while writing a new script, my first one ,i did a number to my disk, LEARN THE CODE, KNOW THE CODE, UPDATE YOUR KNOW THE CODE, THEN WRITE THE CODE ! IN THAT ORDER trust me lol all's well that get 's re-written well,on a positive you learn how to re-write your boot menu like a programming BOSS ! 💽👩‍🎓
Just saying hi to everyone. I suck at forums, so I might rarely post. But, I'll always be reading you guys 😂💜
I have received a warning mail regarding , without this account all my buying would be stopped completely, I have no other income, I really need this account. Please post your email in reply to this post, so that I can send an email too. Please help me.
New User Hit my 100 completion mark next 5 surveys! looking for any and all advise to be a better turker!
I am also new, started the last week in November. I have just over 1300 approved so far and I think I have the hang of it so far. There are some questions I will get to later that are kinda bugging me.