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So. People, as an old engineer, your youtube videos need to be slower and show everything. I need the visual.
I'm new. I am retired and need something to do. This is fun, but these script stuff iss a little difficult for me. I'm trying to get panda crazy going but haven;t succeeded yet. Maybe by morning I'll have it going.
Hey Loren, like the profile picture. I'm a photographer and used that lighting style many times - but mostly on men. It had to be done in a studio or at the very least by a professional. Am I right?
My wife is an amateur photographer.

She's done the 365 challenge, where you take a photo every day... for over 8 years. She's on some Flickr group where they suggest daily topics. I'm pretty sure this was one of those suggestion/challenge things from a year or so ago. She's always taking weird photos of something.
Checked out her flickr account. Some very nice stuff!
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I am a London based designer, currently looking into the human labour behind machine learning systems. I'd love to hear about your daily routines, what kind of work you do on Mturk, what are the perks/disadvantages of the job?

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