01/17 - Three-Bean Thursday

Do you like bacon?

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Jan 24, 2016
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I am definitely going to follow you. You give a lot of sage advice, every time you respond to my posts. Reading instructions is SO difficult for me, because I have the attention span of a four year old child. Sometimes, I'll even find myself having to return HITs, because I can't make myself read two entire paragraphs, explaining how the survey works. It might as well be calculus sometimes. It makes me feel like a moron, especially when I find that HIT later, FORCE myself to read the instructions again, and think, "Seriously!? It was that simple?"
Someone's following me.
I've found, more times than not while turking, "giving up point" is about 2 seconds from completion. Like, if your attention span is 5 minutes, most studies will be 6. It just happens like that. Some are written to frustrate you. It's part of the hypothesis. Learning whatever trick is necessary to hold on and pay attention for 5 more seconds will prevent you from doing things like that, or tossing back a study right before the last page. Next time you're positive you are going to quit on one, fight your way through it. I guarantee that there's a good chance that after, you'll do the same thing and say, "that's it?"

I'm the same way sometimes. I've found that anything that works to hold my attention, is worth tryng.:p
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