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Jan 10, 2016
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Crowd Pleaser Award

Here at MTurk Crowd we greatly appreciate all of the contributions our members make to help preserve our community's friendly and productive atmosphere. The Crowd Pleaser Award is our way of expressing this appreciation.

Winners of the Crowd Pleaser Award will receive:
  • Special Crowd Pleaser banner
  • All donation member perks

Rules and Eligibility
  • To make a nomination, you must have at least 25 posts on MTurk Crowd.
  • You may only nominate one person per month.
  • You may not nominate yourself.
  • Nominees must have at least 100 posts and have been active within the last month on MTC.
  • A nomination reason must accompany each nomination to be considered valid.
  • Administrators and moderators are not eligible for nomination. *
  • Winners of the Crowd Pleaser Award will be eligible for nomination again after one year.
  • Once a member wins twice, they are no longer eligible for the Crowd Pleaser Award.
  • Crowd Pleaser winners will ineligible for HIT Poster Award nomination in the month immediately following their Crowd Pleaser win.
  • Campaigning for votes, whether for yourself or for someone else, is not allowed. Any forum post asking for votes will be removed and may lead to disqualification.
* The current list of MTC administrators and moderators can be found here.

Not open for further replies.