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Nov 8, 2018
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It seems many people are unhappy with the post jumping from the new live thread update addon. I explained a bit about it here, in case anyone hasn't seen it:

We give the live thread update to people that donate as a perk, and with the new addon there's unfortunately no way to have that without also having the post jump. And, unfortunately, it's something we're stuck with for the time being.

As I said in the above quoted post, you can manage it by scrolling up towards the top of the page and it will stop jumping. I understand that not everybody wants to do that though, so if you don't want the post jump at all, reply in this thread. I'll create a separate group for those of you that have donated/won awards and don't want it. Just keep in mind that you won't have live update at all if you opt out. You'll have to manually refresh whenever you want to see new posts.

(Also, please be patient because this might not be something that I'll have time for today. But if you post in here I promise I will get it handled for you within the next couple days.)
yes, please remove the live update from me. I do try to read everything and its making it a pain to keep my place hah.
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