What is "survey content"?

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Jan 10, 2016
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Why can't we talk about survey content?

Talking about survey content interferes with a requester's data. Requesters want individual opinions. Talking about survey content influences how others respond or what they pay attention to, which could alter a survey's results. Being cautious about discussing survey content will help ensure quality survey data and encourage requesters to post more survey HITs!

What counts as survey content?

For our purposes on this forum, we consider almost everything past the MTurk HIT preview page to be survey content.

What are some examples of survey content?
  • Talking about the questions, copying/pasting questions, or posting screenshots of any page from the survey
  • Talking about the topic or subject matter in the survey
  • Talking about what qualifies you for or disqualifies you from a survey
  • Asking for help or clarification on what to do in a survey
  • Sharing external links to other sites, videos, or pictures that are found within the survey
  • Talking about information on the informed consent page if that page is after the HIT preview page
  • Warning others of attention checks
  • Telling others where to find a completion code or what your completion code was
  • Giving information on how to obtain or maximize a bonus

What can I say about a survey?

  • You can give your completion time or comments about time ("10 minutes for me")
  • You can give your overall, general opinion of the survey ("this was awful!", "I loved it!", "super bubbly!")
  • You can alert people if the survey has writing in it ("has writing!")
  • You can say if you didn't receive a completion code at the end ("finished it but there was no code!")
  • You can say if it appears to be broken ("won't work for me so I emailed the requester")
  • You can say that you got a bonus ("hey, I got a bonus on this!")
  • You can say if it requires specialized software, such as Inquisit or UserZoom, or if it only works on a specific browser or device

If you see a comment that you think might be survey content, click the "report" button on the post so that staff can come check it out. When you click report, the person who made the comment will not be notified that their post has been reported. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a staff member. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.